Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ground Your Emotions and Mind through the Lower Dan Tian

People who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) often have too much energy in their emotional body and their brain due to the frequent obsessions and compulsions. This causes them to be imbalanced and ungrounded. The areas that are often affected most are the Message Center (heart chakra), heart, spleen, kidneys and brain.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Message Center and heart connect with the emotions of anxiety, depression and overexcitement. The spleen connects with worry. The kidneys connect with fear.

To be grounded emotionally and mentally is very important in managing and healing the obsessions and compulsions.

The Lower Dan Tian is a foundational energy center that is key to boosting energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. It is key to grounding the emotions and the mind. As with the Kundalini, it is a very important energy center to develop for those who suffer from OCD.

It is best to develop a daily practice that builds the power and abilities of the Lower Dan Tian and Kundalini together. It is recommended that you do Lower Dan Tian and Kundalini practices for fifteen minutes or longer, one to three times per day, for each energy center. If you severely suffer from chronic fatigue or a lack of energy, it is recommended that you do a combination of these practices for two hours or more per day.


  1. Thank you, Master David for this important blog. Many times I have referred to your website to do this practice with you leading. It has been very helpful but I need to remember to practice this one more often. It was only when I read you book on OCD years ago, that I realized I have many of the symptoms of OCD. It was a huge realization. Your testimony gave me a lot of hope for healing and transformation. Thank you for reminding us to ground our emotions and centre ourselves. Thank you.

    1. Dear Shirley,

      Thank you for your love and devotion to your spiritual and healing practice and journey. You are a great student.