Friday, November 8, 2013

Tao Retreats Heal and Transform All Life

Sometimes in life, there comes a defining moment. These moments can alter the course of your life in ways that are incomprehensible and indescribable at that time. They are only more deeply understood over time.

Meeting Dr. and Master Sha Zhi Gang Sha at my first Soul Retreat in June 2004 was one of those moments. Attending as many retreats with Master Sha as possible has created many moments. Some of the most special moments have been at Master Sha’s Tao Retreats.

Words are not enough to describe the beautiful experiences, the soul healing and the transformation of every aspect of life that occurs for those that attend. I have tried to do that in this video from 2011.

Here are some beautiful slideshows from some of the Tao Retreats I have attended in person or by webcast. Every one of these retreats has deeply transformed my life. For this, I am eternally grateful.

Ramsau, Austria, May 2010

Estes Park, Colorado, USA, November 2010

Ramsau, Austria, May 2011

What I have learned is that the Tao wisdom, blessings and experiences continually transform me every day in every part of my life.

I wish for everyone to receive what I have received. Then, the world would be a much better place. From my heart, I call you to join Master Sha at these life transforming events. They just keep getting better, more heart-touching and profound.

November 8: Introduction to the Source Enlightenment Retreat (Source means Tao)

November 9-11: Source Enlightenment Retreat

November 9-14: Tao I & II Combined Retreats for Healing, Rejuvenation and Longevity

November 15-21: Tao III & IV Combined Retreats for Healing, Rejuvenation and Longevity

Welcome You to the Tao Retreats


  1. Thank you Master David for your model of unconditional service, your commitment to serve humanity and your humility. We look forward to you coming to Hawaii next year

    1. Dear Paul,

      Thank you for your love and support. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Dear Master David, thank you for sharing your experience! I will never forget the first Tao Retreat in 2010 in Ramsau I was so honored to attend in person. I truly has changed my life forever. And all the Tao Retreats I attended since then have changed my life over and over again

    I am extremly grateful to Master Sha and all of his Divine and Tao Channels for their endless and tireless service they are offering constantly and especially during the Retreats.

    Thank you so much Master David for all your service, love, care and compassion!

    With love from Germany!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful sharing. Tao Retreats are so special. They literally uplift and transform everything in life. I hope you and as many people as possible can enjoy many more Tao Retreats.