Tuesday, September 3, 2013

About My Blog


My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and More will give you insights and soul wisdom on how to heal OCD and other issues in your life through the power of soul. I will share with you important lessons and experiences on my soul healing journey that can assist you in transforming your life. I will also guide you through soul healing practices that will empower you to self-heal obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or any other condition. Over time, I will introduce more exciting topics and interactive experiences for you in my blog.

I welcome you and your loved ones onto the journey of creating your soul healing miracle stories for OCD and many other spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions that are occurring in your life. May you achieve greater health, happiness and success.


  1. Dear Master David Lusch, I would like to thank you for your courage and openess to share your Soul Healing experiences with all of us. From my perspective as a psychologist I can say that this is an incredible service for those who are suffering from OCD as well for their loved ones, collegues and friends. There is so much mental, emotional and phyiscal pain related to this condition. Many who are diagnosed with this condition are affected in every aspect of their lives and at the same time, many are also to ashamed to speak about their conditon and to reach out for help. They are looking for long term solutions, they are looking for healing and they are looking for real transformation. Its a beautiful way to receive help via this media. Thank you for being such a wonderful example and for bringing hope to those who are open for this completely new healing approach that involves the soul (in science we call soul = message or information). It is vital that we all take responsibilty and practice to heal ourselves. Selfhealing means that we take action by ourselves to heal and solve the issues in our life. From your healing story I know there is a lot to explore that the mind does not know yet. What I learned is that the true reasons for all conditions are on the soul level. Therefore the transformation of information, the healing of the soul is needed first. I am very much looking forward to read your blog and learn more. I have read your book in only 1,5 days and loved it very much. With deep gratitude.

    1. Dear Magdalena,

      Thank you for your beautiful and insightful feedback and comments. The soul is the boss of mind and body. Therefore, to fully heal, one must heal on all levels. Being a part of the healing process is very important to truly heal in all ways. Soul healing empowers one to be involved in their self-healing process. Soul healing also complements all type of traditional and alternative healing modalities.

      I look forward to receiving more feedback from you on my blog over time.

      It is an honor to serve you and everyone.

  2. Dear Master David
    I like you blog very much and I was moved by your sincere words. Continue serve master Sha and humanity!
    with love and blessings
    master Peter

    1. Dear Master Peter,

      It is such an honor to receive such beautiful words from you. I thank you for your great service for my life and everyone else.

  3. Dear Master David, thank you for bringing so much wisdom and healing to humanity through your sharing and teachings.
    May all who suffer from any mental conditions be healed through the deep insights and wisdom you share.
    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you

    1. Dear Master Maya,

      Thank you for your love and support.

  4. Dear Master David,

    you will always have a special place in my heart as my spiritual teacher. It was you who transmitted the DHH to me - the greatest honor in my soul`s journey.
    As a teacher you have a very special quality - you take your students right from where they are to a much, much higher level with your unique teachings.
    I am looking forward to read and learn more from you!

    With gratitude and love from Germany!

    1. Dear Nina,

      Thank you for your loving and kind words. It is an honor to serve you. I would love to see you at my events again. I welcome you to Berlin any time you can make it. http://berlin.drsha.de/

      With love and blessings,
      Master David