Soul Healing Basics

Many people worldwide wonder about soul healing or spiritual healing. They ask many questions on how some people have miracles and how others do not. They want to know how they too can heal chronic or life threatening conditions through ways that are not invasive or require traditional approaches. Many people are searching for alternative solutions to heal their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

This is exactly how I felt and the questions I had in my life when I was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). I wanted to find a new way to live. I wanted to be healed. I wanted to be free.

On June 8, 2004, I met Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and discovered his Soul Mind Body Healing System. Within one year, I was completed healed and off of all medication for my OCD. Soul healing was the key for me. It has been the key for millions of people in the history of the world. It will be the key for billions of people in the future. Soul healing is the major and missing component to truly healing on all levels of the soul, mind and body.

The Relationship of the Soul, Mind and Body

It is important to understand a little bit about the relationship of the soul, mind and body before we delve into more posts about my personal journey or how to heal OCD or many other conditions.

Human beings consist of soul, mind and body. The soul is the essence of life and a light being that sits inside of your body. Soul is also known as message or information in quantum physics and science. The mind is consciousness. The body is energy and matter.

Everyone and everything has a soul, mind and body. This means that every animate and inanimate thing has a soul, mind and body, including human beings, animals, flowers, trees, oceans, lakes, rivers, pyramids, walls, tables, planets, stars, galaxies and universes.

Inside the body, every system, organ, body part, cell, cell unit, DNA/RNA, tiny matter inside of the cell and space around the cell has a soul, mind and body.

Soul is the boss of mind and body. Soul directs mind and body. Soul directs the transformation of matter inside the cell and energy in the space around the cell. Soul directs all life.

This relationship is very important to understand because it also explains the secret to healing and transforming every aspect of life, including health, relationships, finances, business and the soul journey.

Heal and transform the soul first; then the healing and transformation of every aspect of life will follow.™ – Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Soul Healing Basics

Why are so many conditions chronic? Why do they not go away over time? Why do some people have to take medications their whole lives? Why do many conditions return, such as depression, anxiety, cancer and more?

Sickness occurs on all levels of the soul, mind and body. Soul blockages are bad or negative karma. Mind blockages are negative mindsets, attitudes, beliefs, ego and attachments. Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. Soul mind body blockages create all sicknesses, problems and challenges in every aspect of life, including health, relationships, finances, business and the soul journey.

Soul blockages are the key. Bad karma is a spiritual debt. Bad karma means to learn lessons and suffer for the mistakes that your ancestors or you did in past lives and this life. Basically, wherever you suffer in your life is where your ancestors or you caused others to suffer in their lives. What goes around comes around. Often, learning lessons and suffering happens in future lifetimes when your conscious mind has no recollection of the past and what occurred.

How do you heal soul blockages? The only way to do it yourself is to self-clear bad karma through offering unconditional service, which means to do good things to help others become healthier, happier and successful in their lives. This includes all forms of love, forgiveness, care, compassion, healing, blessing, spiritual practice, chanting, volunteer work and service that improves people’s lives and well-being. When you offer good service, you create good karma.

The other way to remove soul blockages is through receiving divine soul healing, including divine karma cleansing, divine soul downloads and divine blessings. With divine karma cleansing services, the Divine pays off your spiritual debt with Heaven’s virtue (good karma). Only a Divine Channel can offer these kind of rare and special divine services. This was the key to my healing of OCD when I met Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, who is a Divine, Tao and Source Channel, in June 2004. I am now honored to offer these divine services to others now as a Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha, Divine Channel and Tao Channel. This is the divine way for soul healing.

Good karma pays off the spiritual debt of the bad karma. When this happens, healing occurs on the soul level. Then, the healing on the mind and body levels will follow because the soul directs the mind and body. Healing the soul is the key to healing the mind and body. Through healing the soul, mind and body, chronic conditions heal and do not return, life threatening conditions dissolve and the body can return to health.

Soul healing is the key to being healthier, more loving, more joyful, happier and incredibly successful in life.

More About Soul Healing

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