Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Courage of the Heart and Soul – Radio Show Episode 46

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Courage – the ability to persevere and to successfully deal with danger, fear or difficulty.

Many people suffer from fear and other emotional and mental blockages that prevent them from being courageous. They can feel weak and powerless inside. Sometimes, people can overcome these inner challenges and rise to the occasion in their lives. Other times, they are unable to do this and stay within their blockages.

Some people think that you either have courage or you do not.

I personally believe that anyone can have blockages preventing them from being courageous within their souls, hearts, minds and bodies. I also believe with the right soul healing techniques, self-healing techniques and Divine and Tao blessings one can remove these blockages and develop courage. A courageous life from the heart and soul can be lived. Join me for a further teaching and practice to remove blockages and develop courage in this podcast.

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  1. Thank You Master David Courage is the ying/yang to fear boost my courage Everyone take a moment to boost your courage