Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Journey to Joy – Radio Show Episode 43

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Joy goes deep into the heart and soul. Joy is a special quality that brings about great happiness, contentment and gratitude.

People desire to be joyful. Some people are very often joyful. Others do not experience much joy.

Why is there a difference? On the root level, there are blockages within the soul, heart, mind and body.

How can you to develop more joy? How can you live more joyfully in every aspect of life? Chant and sing various mantras of joy! The frequency, vibration, soul, heart, consciousness, energy and light of joy will surround you, embrace you, bless you, heal you and transform you. As Master Sha teaches, What you chat is what you become. Therefore, chant joyful mantras to become joyful! Join me for a further teaching and practice to chant joyful mantras in this podcast.

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Enjoy the show! I look forward to reading your feedback.

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