Monday, May 5, 2014

The Greatest Parents

I remember that growing up my Mom and Dad always supported me through my OCD process even if they did not fully understand it. They always gave me great love, understanding and support with my dreams, my struggles and everything in my life. Their love deeply helped me through the process of going through all of those teenage and young adult years while suffering from OCD. They encouraged me and provided the best environment for me to find my healing path. They continue to fully support me in my service, in my life and on my soul journey to this day.

For this, I am forever grateful and blessed. I give thanks to the best parents I could ever have. I love you more than words, Mom and Dad.

With love from your son,



  1. Dear Master David.It's very touching and powerful. thank you for sharing. It's very important to have loving, supportive family and you sure are the lucky one to have such wonderful parents.

    1. Dear Nadia, I am very blessed to have great parents. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you for your love and support.