Monday, December 30, 2013

Post: Radio Show Episode 5: Soul Healing Miracles for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with Master David Lusch

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Positive and Negative Memories

Episode 5 focuses on the impact of positive and negative memories in your life. Positive memories create feelings of joy, happiness and healing. Negative memories create feelings of pain, suffering and imbalance. Join me to do a soul healing practice for negative memories.

Enjoy the show! I look forward to reading your feedback.


  1. Dear Master David,
    thank you for this teaching and practice and the reminder how negative memories can affect our lives. I found this radio show in the morning on facebook and listened to it. I did not really understand why to focus on negative memories during holidays. My memories seemed happy and fine to me.

    Then in the afternoon I heard some firecrackers outside because tomorrow is New Years Eve. Suddenly I felt uncomfortable and then I rememberd that I have big issues with New Years Eve since many years. The closer the midnight hour comes the more sick I feel. I can not eat or drink, I dont want party, I want to hide somewhere to have my peace. I feel depressed, sad and weak since many years arround midnight. I am always happy when New Years Eve is over.

    So tonight I made a flow and ask my soul about it. I was surprised about the reasons for that. Of course they were negative memories from past lives.
    So I made a deep forgiveness practice and I also invited all my emotions and negative memories in my zhong that showed up one after another in this practice. I heard your radio practice twice and one blockage after another could leave. I feel much stronger now for the New Years Eve tomorrow. And I am happy and grateful to have the ability to do soulcommunication and ask for reasons.

    I am thanking you for this radio show. It was very helpful.
    Have a Happy New Year (We say GUTEN RUTSCH!)

    With love and light

    1. Dear Amira,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul healing experience. I am sure it will help many people. I am glad you listened to the radio show many times as you can receive more benefits again every time you listen to it.

      May you have a beautiful and Happy New Year.

      With love and blessings,
      Master David Lusch